Positive Psychology Today mission:  Help people find meaningful lasting solutions to all their psychological problems.

When we started Positive Psychology Today we wanted to get the word out that there are solutions that don’t take forever to work.  I spent more than half my life in and out of traditional therapy and counseling and nothing ever seemed to work.  I did become more aware of my issues but I couldn’t seem to get inside to the deeper level and really change anything.  For instance, I felt like I had a bottomless pit of despair.  One person had me try crying into it.  I was told it took me years to get to this point so it will take me years of crying into it to fill it up.  After trying that for awhile I was more depressed than before.

It wasn’t until I came across a “New Age” therapist (at least that’s what I call her) who helped me truly change my life in a single session, that I realized there was another way.  After spending a year learning her methods and using them to help myself and others I wanted to learn more.  I studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, Coaching and Time Line TherapyTM.  NLP helped me understand the nuts and bolts of how we humans operate and how to incorporate all these tools and techniques into my work with assisting others into the light.

There are many in the fields of NLP, Hypnosis and the like who are a bit “New Age”.  Some of the tools and techniques can seem a bit “Woo-Woo” (for a lack of a better term).  Being that I hold degrees and both Physics and Mathematics and spent 27 years in the IT field as a programmer I tend to be more analytical and scientific.  The result is that I can give you the mechanics behind the procedures, tools and techniques.  You don’t need to burn incents while doing some procedure to make it mystical – but if you need that, more power to you.  That being said I also have studied Meta Physics and do have an honorary Doctorate in that field.  I also have a Doctorate in Religion.  So I do understand the desires to do things ritualistically.

The Positive Psychology mission I’m on it is to bring light to the newer ways of doing things.  Getting results in the past was hit or miss.  Today you can have results in minutes instead of years.  Going into the office for face to face sessions is now replaced with Skype.  We won’t forget our affirmations because our smartphones can remind us.

Please come and join us here at Positive Psychology Today!

Thank you,

Dr. Lance Koberlein  NLPT, MH


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